Horse as a mirror

June 2015 Desire & Give will be starting a new project ‘Horse as Mirror’.
This project is for fragile children in Holland ranging from the age of 4 to 18, who have been hurt since a very young age by unsafe situations in and around the home.

We feel deeply for these children and our charity foundation Desire & Give wants to do something about this situation.

With the help of this system, Horse as Mirror, they regain their self esteem, enabling them to move forward with confidence.
This system is not a horse riding course.
Would you like to help these children?

Our Passion
Because of unsafe situations the self esteem of these children is really low, so they continue to suffer in silence.
Our passion is to give these children the opportunity to transform and rediscover themselves as the person they were born to be.

How can this be done?
Often Companies give their personnel the opportunity via ‘Horse as Mirror’ to develop and apply their leadership abilities in every day life as well as the work place.
This system also applies to the children we would like to support.
By means of ‘Horse as Mirror’, the coach and the Local Authorities we can support these children by enabling them to take part in this unique system.
The foundation Desire & Give can give support by taking on the costs of this project.

Each child will be selected on the advise given by the local youth care services and or a local general practitioner who is aware of the situation of the child.
Often the parents have financial difficulties known to the local authorities. Because of our contact with these authorities we are in a position to offer help.

Horses, Naturel therapists 
Horses are beautiful, strong sensitive animals who show their feelings without inhibition.
A horse reacts to each individual in a different way, thus showing us our own behaviour. Mirror technique.
A horse mirrors our dysfunctional; behaviour without malice or judgement in order that we may become aware of the response this behaviour creates and will then be able to correct negative behaviour patterns.
This takes place naturally. A horse shows us how to regain our self esteem, set our boundaries and accept ourselves as we are.
Developing a child’s natural leadership can lead to a positive continuation of this project.

The future of the community lies in the hands of our children, so let’s help them.
Give them the chance to develop so that they can transform this world into a world of solidarity.

Will you help us?
Would you like to join us by giving a donation to help these children heal in order to reach their full potential.
Bank: ING Bank
Account: IBAN: NL10INGB0004460579 t.n.v. Stichting Desire & Give, Voorhout
IBAN: NL10INGB0004460579