The Food Bank

One of the charities supported by Desire & amp; Give is the Food Bank. Due to the rising costs and the economic downturn, the food bank is now busier than ever. There are many people who live below the poverty line and have no money to buy food. Some have fallen into debt so far that they first cut back on their daily food supply

The Food Bank tries to help these people in need by means of food packages. That food is donated by supermarkets, bakers, private individuals and foundations such as Desire & amp; Give.

Hoogvliet DonatieWe have chosen not to offer this help by sending money, instead we opt for practical help. We buy a few hundred pieces of a food product every week in consultation and give it to the Food Bank. Both fresh products such as milk, bread, butter and vegetables, as well as long-life items such as tins with beans, jars of pasta sauce, macaroni.

Do you help us too? If you would like to make a donation or register as a food donor, please contact us!

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