Homeless shelter

We don’t need to go abroad in order to help others. Even in a prosperous country like Holland there are still people on the edge of the society, who have no roof over their heads.

Even though some chose to live in this way, they are still often very much in need  of help. Encouragement in a positive way, help in difficult times and a warm meal and a bed when it’s freezing outside.

Desire & Give is concerned about all the human suffering so close to home and wants to give support. This is the reason Desire & Give puts in so much effort so that these people are given the help they are so much in need of.

Help us to do this

Animal ambulance

Sometimes we forget the suffering of animals, and it is the Animal Ambulance that does so much in this field.

They give first aid to the wounded animals and see to it that they are transported to the necessary location. The Animal Ambulance like Desire & Give is a foundation without an income and they are totally dependant on the generosity of others. We would very much like to support them in the good work they do and donate money we have acquired though the lectures, workshops and concerts we organise.

If you would like to donate you can do this directly though us or on the website of De Dierenambulance.

Help the animals and support The Animal Ambulance with us!