ANBI status

What does it mean to have a foundation with an ANBI Status?

Since 1-1-2008 gifts that are donated to Charities¬† with an ANBI status are deductable from tax incomes. The letters ANBI stand for the Dutch phrase ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (a foundation which operates solely for the common interest).

In 2010 the conditions for an ANBI foundation were reassessed and made tighter.
This means that 90% of any profits from various activities are to be given to Charities.

Below you will find all the information concerning the ANBI status.

Information concerning the ANBI status: (personal site)
Tax Office ANBI

You can download a PDF document which will inform you of the recent regulations for an ANBI status (source: The Dutch Tax Office)