About us

In January 2010 the transparent foundation Desire & Give was founded. In June of the same year the foundation acquired the desired ANBI- status. Desire & Give was set up with enthusiasm by Desiré Blok.

Desiré was born in a developing country and it is due to her personal experiences that the idea for the foundation  Desire & Give was formed. The purpose of the foundation is to support projects and activities which have certain goals and wish to improve the quality of life.

Desire & Give realizes that all of us are responsible for the suffering in the world and that it is to us to do all we can to change this situation.

How do we do this?

With the support of individuals, companies, clubs etc., Desire & Give will be in a position to really help those in need.

Our organisation will be in a position to buy products or articles, which will then be brought by us to the receiving charities, thanks to your donations or participation of lectures, presentations etc.
There is no question of money changing hands, only products.

Next to the support of Donors and Volunteers Desire & Give also organizes lectures, workshops and concerts with the theme of  awareness and personal growth. Any funds acquired in this way are used according to the principles of the ANBI Standard to financially help the selected charities.

A better world begins with yourself! – Being involved leads to sharing, creation!