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Are you up to date concerning the fact that there are more and more children in Holland living in unsafe situations, these children have little to no possibility of change.
In June 2015 we will be starting with a new project “Horse as Mirror”
This is nothing like a horse riding course.

Are you aware that there are more and more people in Holland dependant on the food bank?

How many homeless do you see in the larger cities? Is the Salvation Army ever empty? It is evident that many people in Holland are living in poverty.
We send help to developing countries, but are unable to cope with the poverty in our own country.
People depending on volunteers and donations are increasing daily.

The team  of Desire & Give know that we are unable to solve world wide poverty, but we do what we can to help those in need nearer to home.
In this way all fellowmen and creatures are held close to our hearts.

Will you join us?

Charity Foundation Desire & Give
For people, By people.